This is a list of sites I like. I hope it opens up some new worlds for you. Failing that, it might give you some insight into the psyche of someone who has an entire blog devoted to reading and reviewing Robert Heinlein books.

  • – He’s one of the big three, so I had to include him here. The site includes his biography, a bibliography, and some of the predictions he made about the future. Includes links to a number of interviews.
  • – Just a list of Asimov’s books alone would fill an entire site, but this website features more than just his bibliography.
  • – My favorite advice site.
  • – John Byrne’s official site. Features an extensive discussion forum.
  • – Where I found the info I need to win a wife.
  • – Devoted to the series of novels started by Frank Herbert.
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine – My favorite magazine. I’m a lifetime subscriber.
  • – Official site includes a biography and a bibliography.
  • – The Art Deco Dining Pavilion is the place to hang out on this site. It’s a discussion forum that Ellison himself frequents from time to time.
  • Harry Harrison – Official site with biography, bibliography, and news sections.
  • – A nonprofit organization in Robert Heinlein’s memory. They sponsor blood drives and provide scholarships.
  • – A science fiction blog.
  • – Official site for the author of Ringworld.
  • – “Quasi-official” site for Robert Silverberg.
  • – Social media news.
  • – Useful information for men.
  • – Legal gambling in the USA.
  • – Public radio.
  • Only the Best – Great scifi blog.
  • Piers Anthony – His official site. I especially enjoy his monthly newsletters.
  • – Philip Jose Farmer’s official site.
  • – The author’s official site.
  • – Cool discussion forum.
  • – Fun science fiction fan blog.
  • Theodore Sturgeon – Another of my favorite scifi writers.
  • – Large science fiction book publisher.
  • – News about the Star Trek franchise and the people associated with it.
  • – News about the author and her books.

I’ll add more sites as I think of them.


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